ASPs in SCORM packages - allowed?



Is there any way to turn to SCORM files on ASP??? We have been asked to deliver a SCORM package based on a platform developed by us on ASP, and were wondering if it was possible to use it as an imput on a tool that creates SCORM packages.



To clarify, I believe the question comes from someone who has created content that makes use of ASPs (active server pages).  She's probably delivered a piece of content to an LMS that doesn't allow content to run ASPs... this would include the vast majority of LMSs.  And, frankly, we would recommend to LMS vendors that they not allow content to run ASPs... it's simply too big a risk.

So, the short answer is this.  There is no way via SCORM to tell an LMS to turn on ASP or allow for the use of any scripted language (PHP, JSP, ASP, etc).

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