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My colleague is working with Development to enhance our support for Articulate SCORM courses. One requirement is that we have the ability to set the max number of attempts for a course. I’ve gone through Articulates Knowledge Base found that they do not have a setting build into their tool. They state in forums that the “LMS SCORM player may have these configuration settings”. Can you please advise if there a configuration setting in your player to change these values?



In SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, you can set attempt limits for activities within the course itself by using some sequencing and navigation elements. For example, I have attached one of our Golf Samples that uses sequencing to only allow 1 attempt of a pre-test.

Here is the snippet of code that will allow this to happen:

<item identifier="pretest_item" identifierref="assessment_resource">
<title>Pre Test</title>


<!-- Rule to disable the pre test after exceeding attempt limit -->
<imsss:ruleCondition condition="attemptLimitExceeded"/>
<imsss:ruleAction action="disabled"/>

<!-- If any test (pre or post) has been satisfied, disable the tests-->
<imsss:ruleCondition referencedObjective="assessment_satisfied" condition="satisfied"/>
<imsss:ruleAction action="disabled"/>


<!-- The attempt limit ensures that the pre-test is only attempted one time. -->
<imsss:limitConditions attemptLimit="1"/>

Please note that this will not work in SCORM 1.2, this is a SCORM 2004 3rd Edition and above specific element.

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