Completion status and assets


I have a course that has 4 lessons (each one is a sco) that are required to be completed in order for the course to be completed. Additionally, I have several asset pages that simply contain links and contact information and I don't want to require that they are viewed in order for the course to be completed.

Currently I have a Dummy wrapper around all of the scos and assets and I have a global variable called "course_completed" for the dummy wrapper which gets set to complete when 4 of the child activities are set to satisfied (the 4 scos I mention above). This works and the dummy wrapper is marked completed and the course is set to 100% complete after those 4 scos have been viewed. However, the lms is still saying the course is "in progress" and won't register complete unless I have viewed all of the pages including the assets.

How can I include scos or assets that are not required for completion and either force them to be completed when the course loads or somehow force them to be ignored?


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