Values for Time_Limit_Action in an AU.



The problem that our import tool is having is located in the .au file. Specifically, the data element “time_limit_action” contains a corresponding value of "C,N". As our wizard uses the comma as a delimiter, it’s having trouble when it reaches this parameter value. Can you help me with the following questions:

· Is this value "C,N" correct? Or is it possible that this .au file is malformed?

· What is “time_limit_action” and what are possible values for this parameter?



Time_limit_action details 2 things. What the lesson is going to do in the event of a time out, and most importantly, what the student is going to see when max_time_allowed is exceeded. The format is either 2 letters or words separated by a comma. For Example: "C,N" means the the lesson will 'c'ontinue and 'n'o message will be shown to the user.  

c - continue

e - exit


n - no message

m - message

If your importer is choking on those parameters, you may try to remove the value if you are not setting a max_time_allowed and see if it imports after making that change. The values in the AU file should all be surrounded by quotes. The importer should be intelligent enough to ignore commas that are between quotes.

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