My course is rolling up a status of 'Failed', but sending 'Unknown' through the debug logs.



I have a course that is showing the "Success Status as "Failed", however, when I look at the log I see that the cmi.success_status is set to "unknown". Am I missing something?


OK, so there was some ambiguity in SCORM 2004 2nd-3rd Editions as to whether a cluster whose children all have an unknown status should rollup to failed or unknown. We implemented SCORM Cloud to rollup 'failed', but we also included a package property called 'Rollup Empty Set to Unknown' to handle those situations where you would rather have 'Unknown'. This package property is located in the 'Course Properties' section of SCORM Cloud.

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    John Hayden

    Note that for the "Rollup Empty Set to Unknown" to be useful here, we have to be dealing with an empty set.  By "empty set", we mean that there are no child activities participating in the completion and/or satisfaction rollup.  By default, activities WILL participate.  So, to explicitly state "this activity or set of activities (if placed on parent) shouldn't participate in rollup", add this to your manifest:


                        <imsss:rollupRules rollupProgressCompletion="false" rollupObjectiveSatisfied="false"  />


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