SCO to SCO Navigation in SCORM 1.2



I am launch our SCORM 1.2 content with the table of contents hidden, this is causing issues with navigation between my scos. The “units”/SCOs don't sequence one after another and with no hyperlinking mechanism (TOC or the LMS player buttons) to navigate to the next SCO, it is causing problems.




The issue we run into there is that in SCORM 1.2 they really do not address sco to sco navigation, so you are totally at the mercy of the LMS for this. In SCORM 2004, you have a lot more options to handle the navigation. In order to make up for some of the shortcomings of SCORM 1.2, specifically sequencing and navigation, we created what we call rudimentary sequencing and rudimentary rollup. These pieces of functionality will help SCORM 1.2 courses mimic SCORM 2004 sequencing and navigation in SCORM Cloud and other LMS's that run our SCORM Player. I would check with your LMS provider to see if they have something similar.

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