Does Articulate Use Cookies to Bookmark?



We have a client that created a simple course using Articulate Presenter 9 (latest version). They have locations where common computers are used to access the course. When user one takes and completes the course, everything works perfectly for them. When the second user logs into the LMS and launches the course for the first time, they are asked if they want to start back where the previous user left off. This is a client that is still on our previous release which had 2007.1 of the SCORM engine. In that version, did you use cookies? We confirmed that the URL string getting passed has unique sets of data so our first thought is that either Articulate or the engine has a cookie somewhere on the desktop.



Articulate uses cookies as an alternate way of setting a bookmark. There is a setting in Presenter that lets you turn off this behavior.  In the Player Templates --> Player Controls there is a setting called "When running in LMS, ignore flash cookie.  If this is checked, the course will resume following the LMS's normal bookmarking scheme.  If unchecked, it will use the flash cookie if the LMS does not support resume.

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