Requesting the language from an LMS via SCORM (can't be done)



I would like to know, is it possible that a scorm file recieves the language from the lms. For Example the LMS System is spanish and the scorm Package will automaticaly call a spanish scorm file . Can you realize it ?


Not really, or not in exactly the way you seek here.  SCORM doesn't provide a vocabulary element or mechanism by which the LMS can tell the content any demographic information (like language) about a learner.

A piece of content can request that information of a learner (within a SCO) and record an audio preference for that learner.  Then, on a subsequent launch, that SCO can request that audio preference.  This sounds like progress, but it's isolated to a single SCO... so it's providing very little benefit.

Similarly, the SCO could set this via a global objective in SCORM 2004 (somehow) and look it up beyond the context of the SCO.  At this point, though, global objectives and SCORM 2004 aren't sufficiently adopted to make this viable.

Put more simply, this isn't something you can do very effectively via SCORM at this time.

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    * SCORM packages can be of two types - a resource package and a content aggregation package.
    * Metadata can be kept in an external file and referenced, rather than being kept within the content package as part of the main manifest.
    * SCORM packages utilise 5 extra elements which provide information on how the package behaves. These five elements are:
    o Prerequisites
    o Max time allowed
    o Time Limit Action
    o Data from LMS
    o Mastery Score
    # Scorm has content for example a text, due the LMS Language i would like to have a content translation

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    John Mensel

    @iguana Without the formating, I can't really tell what you're asking.  Are you suggesting the translations could be maintained in the metadata?

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    Ok i try it,Can´t be done I doesn´t believe that its impossible.

    I´m doing a big research and multiple Language is a big title. Even when a scorm file is uploaded to LMS (by Admin),and when the uploaded scorm file is opened (by a student) your LMS gets some Data: for example how long does a student need for a Test (scorm file), how much points he has i hope so far this are the metadata you mean. And even in this Metadata theire are also the LMS Language preference for the student. The translation would be possible by javascript or by different preparated scorm files like scorm english file, scorm german file, scorm canadian file... Important is that in some way the student sees the right language like in LMS.

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    The information about language is delivered due to Advanced Distributed Learning in a cmi.student_preference.lamguage to the Sco ?

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    John Mensel

    @iguana.  I'm familiar with ADL's data model and student_preferences.  These are set by each SCO.  And can be retrieved by just that SCO.  I find this behavior pretty limiting.  (In fact, we have a SCORM Engine package property that allows us to extend that value across a package.)  

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    If you need to develop something along those lines in PHP I know that in the LMS API the $USER object should hold all info about the currently logged in user and so on also about the language. Do you think that your engine can be a bridge between LMS API the $USER object and Articulate Quizmaker.My Sco files are realized with Articulate, its a bundle of manifest.xml and xsd.

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