Requesting the language from an LMS via SCORM (can't be done)



I would like to know, is it possible that a scorm file recieves the language from the lms. For Example the LMS System is spanish and the scorm Package will automaticaly call a spanish scorm file . Can you realize it ?


Not really, or not in exactly the way you seek here.  SCORM doesn't provide a vocabulary element or mechanism by which the LMS can tell the content any demographic information (like language) about a learner.

A piece of content can request that information of a learner (within a SCO) and record an audio preference for that learner.  Then, on a subsequent launch, that SCO can request that audio preference.  This sounds like progress, but it's isolated to a single SCO... so it's providing very little benefit.

Similarly, the SCO could set this via a global objective in SCORM 2004 (somehow) and look it up beyond the context of the SCO.  At this point, though, global objectives and SCORM 2004 aren't sufficiently adopted to make this viable.

Put more simply, this isn't something you can do very effectively via SCORM at this time.

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