SCORM 1.2 Course Being Set to Completed Prior to Completion


Upon the launch of a certain SCORM 1.2 course, when you hit exit prior to actually getting to the end of the course, you still get a completed status type sent to the SCORM Engine LMS.

--Looking at the debug logs, we noticed that the course is never asking for the status. Normally, on launch we should be seeing a getValue for lesson_status, in which the LMS would respond with 'not attempted'...Since the element of lesson_status is seemingly ignored throughout this piece of content, on exit, per the SCORM specification, we are obligated to set the content as completed.

When a SCO does not record any status information, the LMS is obligated to mark it as completed. As a best practice, all content should exhibit the following logic upon launch:

if (GetValue(lesson_status) == "not attempted") then

       SetValue(lesson_status, "incomplete")

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