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Hi there, SCORM tracks interactions sequentially. Am I able to set data for transactions that have previously happened? e.g. say an MCQ allowed the student to retry, can I refer back and overwrite the data previously sent to the LMS?


Short answer... yes.  You, as the content author, are really in control of how the interactions are recorded.  Essentially, prior to recording a new interaction, you can request the "_count" of current interactions and then elect to record your interaction in the "next" spot, or to overwrite one of the existing interactions.

Basically, there are two approaches to recording interactions... state and journaling.  (And no, you don't have to "declare" that you're doing one or the other... you just do it.)

In state, you would request the _count of interactions and then loop through them, looking for the interaction with the id you want to overwrite.  When you find it, you would record your values as you see fit.

In journaling, you would request the _count of the interactions, and then append your new interaction with all of its data.  


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