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I have a problem where if i complete a lesson then close using "return to lms" it will track the completion but if i use my exit button it doesn't, though in the detailed reports it does show completions for some of the sco's.  The course uses exit=suspend and nav request suspendAll before termingating.

-The issue is your content is invoking a suspendAll on use of that 'Exit' button. SuspendAll will save your state, but will not invoke rollup upon completion. It is one of those finicky SCORM 2004 things. We have created a package property that will help with this called "Invoke rollup at Suspend All". I took the course with this enabled and it behaved as it should.

Here are a couple of things you can do to make your course more compatible with non-SCORM Engine LMS's.

1. You can just not use a nav can get rid of the exit button and let the LMS do the work.


2. You can use 'exitAll' instead of suspendAll...or use them both. Do something like, "If I am complete,
then exitAll, else suspendAll" so you save state and then unload if it is necessary.

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