Re-aggregating SCOs across packages



Lets suppose i have 2 SCO's(SCO 'A' and SCO 'B') in Scorm Package1. and 3 SCO's(SCO 'C', SCO 'D' and SCO 'E') in Scorm Package2. Now i want to assign a course for student which should contain SCO 'A' from Scorm Package1 and SCO 'D' and SCO 'E' from Scorm Package2. With out creating a new scorm package can i do that.



OK, I can probably do a little better than that.  I don't know of any LMSs that include the ability to "reaggregate" courses like you've described here.  I believe there are some LCMSs (learning content management systems) that do things like this, but my sense is they are essentially creating a new package and then assigning that.

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