Specifying the content publisher in metadata

Hi. Can you give an example of how the content provider should be referenced in metadata at the top of SCORM 1.2 and 2004 packs please? 


You wrote your content, so you want to make sure you get credit for it, right? The metadata in SCORM allows you to claim all the credit you deserve, and it also allows you to give others props where they are due. For a good example of how this works, check out the Metadata Golf Example

Check out the lifecycle->contribute nodes. These provide a place for you to give credit to everybody who has contributed to the creation of this course. In the example, you'll notice that we credit ourselves as the "publisher" of the content, but that we give credit to Wikipedia for providing the actual content. You can list as many contributors as you need (SCORM recommends no more than 30 though). Other roles you can credit include:

  • author
  • publisher
  • unknown
  • initiator
  • terminator
  • validator
  • editor
  • graphical designer
  • technical implementor
  • content provider
  • technical validator
  • educational validator
  • script writer
  • instructional designer
  • subject matter expert

Sorry, there's no "executive producer", "key grip", or "best boy"!  

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