New SCORM Properties


There are some new properties in SCORM 2009.1 for 1.2 courses. The flyover help does not describe some of the settings. Can you please define what each of these options do for the compatibility settings section.

• Return to LMS Action – This setting determines whether the course suspends and saves state or ends the course (end attempt) upon exit. The available options are:
o Legacy – insert.
o Suspend All – insert.
o Exit All – insert.
o Selectable – insert.

• Override Objective and Completion Set by Content to True – This setting, when enabled, overrides the objectiveSetByContent and completionSetByContent settings in the manifest to always be true.
o Unknown– insert.
o Completed– insert.
o Incomplete– insert.


Here is some extra documentation on these elements:

In response to the SCORM 2004 4th Edition requirement that LMS's provide an interface that allows learners to choose their exit type when leaving a course, the SCORM Engine now has a menu prompt when the learner clicks "Return to LMS". This package property allows course administrators to turn this prompt on and off and also to control what the default exit type is when the prompt is turned off.

The default settings for SCORM 2004 sequencing elements can sometimes lead to a SCO being automatically completed and satisfied if the SCO doesn't report appropriate run-time status data. This setting will override that default behavior for courses that don't change the appropriate default sequencing rules.


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