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Hello there, I need to know if with Scorm 2004, with 4 SCO's. I can make a jump one to another without using next or previous, (using request?). I want to make for example, in each sco 4 buttons cooresponding to each sco of the course. So, If Im on SCO 1, and I click on "GoTo 4", its jump to SCO 4. Is that possible??? I didnt find any directions anywhere on net. I've found adl.nav.request choice, but It doesnt me show how to implement it and if it really is for my needs....any help??? Thanks in advanced!




Awesome to see the complimentary question to this one come in so quickly.  SCORM 2004 does allow for exactly this kind of jumping.  It is one of the things that sets SCORM 2004 apart.

The question was absolutely on the right path.  ADL Nav Requests are the way to go here, but it requires cooperation between the manifest and the runtime.

In the manifest, you need to do two things...

  1. Enable choice navigation on the section in which you intend to allow for choice.
  2. Use an item identifier that you'll then reference from within the runtime code.  (See the included image.)

Then, in the runtime code, you need to do the following:
  1. Make a call via the API to SetValue(“adl.nav.request”, “{target=ITEM-ICT-INTRO-PAGES}choice”);
  2. Call Terminate (note that the nav request is only executed when the SCO relinquishes control).
Hope that helps.  Post questions if you have them.

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