Jumping from SCO to SCO in Moodle (or SCORM 1.2 in general)



Here's a problem that we can't manage to solve. I hope you have some insight into it.

Our product is built of chapters (so to speak), each chapter having its own activities for which progress is to be stored. We created an SCO whose manifest reflects the chapter breakdown. The problem is that navigation within the exe is "free", so when the user enters chapter 1 from the LMS and then from within the app enters chapter 2, we need to tell the LMS that we've navigated to another chapter. As you know we are testing with moodle and it does not support CHOICE. Do you have any idea as to how we can navigate to another (sub-)SCO if the LMS does not support <CHOICE>.



To generalize one of the statements above... Moodle does not support SCORM 2004, so we know that it supports none of the sequencing constructs, including choice.  

The short answer is this... you simply can't control things in the way you seek.  In SCORM 1.2, SCOs were completely unaware of one another.  It is completely "illegal" to jump from one SCO to another in SCORM 1.2.  There's no wiggle room whatsoever.

In SCORM 2004, you have options.  Basically, the use of adl_nav_requests allows the content author to jump from one SCO to another.  (The details of which can be covered in another post.)

So, in SCORM 1.2, you simply can't expose the ability to jump from one SCO to another.  If this functionality is fundamental, you have to use a single, monolithic SCO, and control all navigation from within the SCO.  If SCORM 2004 is an option, you can explore that as well.




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