Disabling the continue button


Dear Rustici Team,

I have one issue with a SCORM package and a question for you.
I know that I can disable the LMS "Continue/Previous" buttons but can I enable them after the objective is completed? So that I can press "Continue" only after the objectives are completed?

Why I'm asking this? I've created a forced sequencing, simillar to the one on your website, but if I press "Continue" in the LMS without completing the objectives, I receive an error that won't be fixed.
The easyest way would be to disable the "Continue" button when a section is opened and enable it after that section's objectives are completed.
The hardest way would be to use content internal "Continue/Previous" buttons, like in the ADL examples but I don't want to think at that:D

Can you please help me?

Thank you,

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