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Dear Rustici Team,

I have one issue with a SCORM package and a question for you.
I know that I can disable the LMS "Continue/Previous" buttons but can I enable them after the objective is completed? So that I can press "Continue" only after the objectives are completed?

Why I'm asking this? I've created a forced sequencing, simillar to the one on your website, but if I press "Continue" in the LMS without completing the objectives, I receive an error that won't be fixed.
The easyest way would be to disable the "Continue" button when a section is opened and enable it after that section's objectives are completed.
The hardest way would be to use content internal "Continue/Previous" buttons, like in the ADL examples but I don't want to think at that:D

Can you please help me?

Thank you,

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    Mike Rustici

    Hi Marius,

    Unfortunately sequencing doesn't provide dynamic controls to explicitly enable and disable the continue button. In some LMS's if the logically next activity is not deliverable, then the continue button will be disabled, but this is not a requirement. Your best bet is to use an internal continue button or simply rely on the table of contents for navigation.


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