Can I tell if a sco is going to report a score ahead of time?


We have courses that may contain 'X' number of SCOs. I need to know which SCO may contain a pre test or post test score.  Is there some way for me to identify if a SCO can contain a score?  


Unfortunately there is no way to know whether or not a SCO will be reporting a score in advance. Any SCO can report a score at anytime, there are no rules around that. You can look at each SCO in the manifest to see if it lists a mastery score (passing score). A mastery score is optional, but its presence would be a strong indication that the SCO is going to report a score. Unfortunately though, the opposite isn't true; the absence of a mastery score is not an indication that the SCO won't report a score. Another option would be to manually inspect the course one time before importing it. SCORM Cloud provides detailed debug logs of what each SCO reports, you could use that to discover the behavior.

Simply the presence or absence of a score isn't strictly enough to label something a "pre-test" or "post test". It could easily be the case that each SCO is its own unit with its own score and that the result of the first SCO has nothing to do with the rest of the course. I'm afraid the best way to tell is simply through manual inspection.



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