What is the difference between “choice” and “jump” navigation request?


What is the difference between “choice” and “jump” navigation request.
Could you show me some cases regarding “jump” or explain it in detail?


There is a simple but subtle difference between a jump request and a choice request. Basically a choice request mimics what is available to the user. A choice request can be initiated by either the user (through the table of contents) or a SCO. Since a choice request can be initiated by the user, it is subject to the limitations imposed by all sequencing rules. This limitation can sometimes be burdensome to content that has a lot of SCO-initiated navigation requests and a few use cases simply weren't possible. To get around this and add some simplification for content developers, ADL added the concept of a jump request. A jump request basically just goes straight to a SCO and bypasses all of the sequencing logic so it is not subject to any restrictions. It is a bit of a hack to use, but it can be quite handy.

We plan on developing some additional golf examples that demonstrate the new functionality of 4th Edition, but have not yet found the time. Hopefully those will be available soon.

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