I am having trouble getting my quiz scores to total properly. My course has 3 modules. The first module has 3 topics, the second has 4, and the third has 4. Each topic has a quiz at the end. Once all the modules are completed and the quizzes are submitted I want all the scores to be totaled to make up the overall grade. Each quiz should be weighted the same, 1/11.


This is what I’m experiencing now:


If I get a 100% on one quiz in the first module my grade comes out to 11.11% or 1/9. However, if I score 100% on a quiz in the second or third module my grade is 8.33% or 1/12. I'm not sure where these numbers are coming from.


How should I set up the manifest so scoring is 1/11 for each quiz?

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    Mike Rustici

    Hi Dave,

    What you are seeing is that at each level of rollup, the child topics count equally.

    So your course looks something like this:


    ---Module 1

    -----Topic 1A

    -----Topic 1B

    -----Topic 1C

    ---Module 2

    -----Topic 2A

    -----Topic 2B

    -----Topic 2C

    -----Topic 2D

    ---Module 3

    -----Topic 3A

    -----Topic 3B

    -----Topic 3C

    -----Topic 3D


    The way rollup works, the score for each parent is the average of each of its children. So the score for Module 1 is the sum of the score for Topics 1A-C divided by 3. Similarly, the score for Module 2 is the sim of the score for Topics 2A-D divided by 4.

    The score for the Course is also the average of the scores of its children. In this case, it is the score for Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 divided by 3.

    That should explain the math you are seeing. Fortunately, SCORM 2004 provides an easy solution. You simply need to add a weighting to each of your Modules to reflect the fact that Module 1 isn't weighted as equally as Modules 2&3.

    Simply add an objectiveMeasureWeight of 0.75 to the first Module. This will reflect that it should only count 75% (3/4) as much towards rollup as its peers should:


    <imsss:rollupRules objectiveMeasureWeight="0.75"/>



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    Dave D'Amico

    Hey Mike, that is exactly how my course looks and you are correct that is exactly the math I’m seeing. I added the rollup rule like you said and it worked. Where did the .75 come from?

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    Mike Rustici

    Hi Dave,

    Glad to hear that you got it to work the way you are expecting. The objective measure weight reflects how much this module should count towards the score relative to the other modules. The default weight is 1.0. If all modules have an equal weight of 1.0, then they should all count the same. In your case, the first module has 3 topics while the other modules have 4 topics. Thus, the first module should count only 3/4 as much as one of the four topic modules.


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    Dave D'Amico

    Oh I see... so if Module 3 had 5 topics and you wanted them all to roll up equally module 1 would have a objectiveMeasureWeight of 3/5 and module 2 would be 4/5 and module 3 would be 5/5.

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