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Hello, I am trying to determine if table based questions where students can fill out the certain columns of a table are possible. Additionally I am interested to know if I can designate that one column be filled out in English and another column be filled out in Greek for the purposes of foreign language classes. Once created these would be uploaded into Moodle. Thanks.


The short answer is this, "Do whatever you want; SCORM doesn't care!"  

With a bit more detail, you can really do anything you want to within your SCORM content, provided you are willing to handle all communication with an LMS via the established API  with its 8 methods and the corresponding vocabulary.  In this case, that means that you can render a table and expect of the learner anything you like.  You will have to, using javascript or some other technology, assess their answers in the browser for reporting via the SCORM API.

Interaction types are not particularly well suited to this, frankly.  You could use a matching type, or, more likely, split the responses up in to N distinct interactions, each with its own result. 




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