cmi.score.raw... whole numbers?



Is it customary for the cmi.score.raw to be stored as whole numbers? In other words, if the result of getting 5 out of 6 questions is 83.3333, should the score passed to the LMS be 83 (I think yes). Thank you


The answer here actually varies based on the version of SCORM being employed.

In SCORM 1.2, the spec states...

The cmi.score.raw must be a normalized value between 0 and 100.  

Given that, we generally expect to see, well, 83.3333 in your example.  This is pretty conventional, although rounding the answer to 83 would also be acceptable. Do be careful not to send too many digits after the decimal point. In SCORM 1.2, the exact precision of CMIDecimal isn't defined, but 4-5 digits is generally safe.


In SCORM 2004, however, things change substantially.  SCORM 2004 introduces the concepts of score.raw, .min, .max, and .scaled.  This combination of vocabulary elements allows the content author to be much more expressive.  In my opinion, the most accurate expression of your test scenario would be as follows:

cmi.score.raw = 5
cmi.score.min = 0
cmi.score.max = 6
cmi.score.scaled = 0.833333



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