Question Descriptions in SCORM 1.2

I am an LMS user/admin, not a SCORM developer. We use SumTotal TotalLMS and Aarticulate 2009. We upload SCORM 1.2 compliant to SumTotal and the "question text" is not transferred. SumTotal and Articulate tech support are not sure if "Question Text" is part of the SCORM 1.2 specification. I looked around, but this is greek to me. I can learn to speak greek, but it would probably take me 5 days. Can you help? Incidentally, Lectora SCORM 1.2 files have the same problem, so if I were a betting man I would say - Nay, not part of the 1.2 spec. Many thanks, Mark

You're correct. SCORM 1.2 does not have an explicit data model element for describing an interaction. SCORM 2004 did add this data model element, but that's not going to do you any good in SCORM 1.2. In the absense of this field, many content developers (Articulate included) will use descriptive identifiers for the questions. The data model element isn't intended to necessarily be a human readable field, but many content developers will use it as such to provide some kind of description.

Describing interactions results (answers) poses another challenge in SCORM 1.2. SCORM 1.2 is very limited in the format that is allowed for interaction responses. For instance the answer to a multiple choice question is only supposed to be a single character like 'a' or 'c'. There is no mechanism for describing what answer 'a' really was. This can be especially troublesome if the order of the answers is randomized. While the answer response is technically supposed to be only one character, this is a loose requirement. Some LMS's will accept many character descriptions. Particulary astute content developers will take advantage of this and try to report a meaningful value for interaction results and then, if the LMS doesn't allow it, will fall back on the single character description.

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