Database driven SCORM content

Hi, I noticed that you said that there needs to be a zip directory that houses all the content pages along with a manifest file in the root directory of the SCO. My website is current pulling that content from a DB and there are not physical pages. What do you suggest I do to get around not having the physical pages?

Generally, an LMS will expect the entirety of the content to be delivered to them (in a ZIP file) so they can host, although most don't mind if you want to host some of the assets elsewhere. The crux of the issue, though, is something called the cross domain scripting problem.

Basically, because of intentional browser security restrictions, content from two different domains can't communicate with one another via javascript. This becomes particularly relevant for SCORM because of its javascript API.

There are a couple ways around this problem. The first would be to imlpement one of the work-arounds to the cross domain scripting problem while still keeping the content hosted on your site. Essentially this involves delivering a small bit of code to the LMS that then establishes communication wtih your website using a series HTTP redirects. The other solution would be to implement an export functionality for your content that generates static HTML versions of the content from the database driven version.

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