Does setting a score imply completion?



Our LMS uses SCORM 1.2, and currently behaves this way: If a course returns a score (cmi.core.score.raw), our system assumes it is *the* score, evaluates the score, and marks it complete in our database, even if we have not yet received the cmi.core.lesson_status = "completed" or "passed" message. The problem is: we have come across some courses that return a score, even if the student leaves the course early and has not yet completed any embeded quizes or exams. The course may be opened again without any problem. The question is: does SCORM have anything to say about what the "correct" behavior should be in this situation. Does our LMS need to change to be SCORM compliant, or should the course only send back the score if the less on is actually complete?


This is a bit of a grey area in SCORM 1.2. If the content specifies a mastery score for the SCO in the manifest, then technically if it reports a score, the LMS is supposed to mark the SCO as passed or failed depending on the reported score's relation to the mastery score. If your LMS considers failed to be completed, then this can cause a problem if the SCO reports intermittent scores. If there is a mastery score in the manifest, you might want to try simply removing that. Removing the mastery score should fix the problem. If it doesn't then your LMS is making an unfounded assumption that a reported score indicates completion. From a content developer's perspective, it is probably wise to avoid reporting a score until the content is completed if you are also using a master score in the manifest.

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