SCORM, Cross Domain, and Videos...


Some recent questions from a client...

1. Can SCORM stream from another server?

2. What video formats does SCORM accept?

3. Any special settings for video?

4. Any file size limit?

5. Any movie duration limit?


1. Here is our definition of the cross domain issues from our site...Commonly used when referring to the "cross domain scripting problem", also abbreviated "x-domain". Cross domain means that communication is happening between software systems that reside in different domains (a domain is a web address, like In cross domain communication, content is served from one domain (like and the LMS resides in another domain (like The way SCORM works, cross domain communication between content and an LMS is hindered by a web browser security restriction. Ideally SCORM content should be delivered from the same domain as the LMS, but if it can't be, then there are some workarounds that need to be put in place to enable communication. Long story short, it can be done, but it is not that easy.

2, 3, 4, and 5. SCORM makes no statement on whether a given technology is supported. Basically, anything web-deliverable can be delivered via SCORM, provided the webserver hosting the content is prepared to do so and the browser is prepared to receive it. The thing to check out for is whether your web server can deliver the certain mime type it needs to. SCORM also does not may attention to file size or duration, although you may want to consider bandwidth and server space when dealing with long movies.

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