"Can I use SCORM on my Mac?"


Today's question from a "Joe User":

i have an apple mac computer, is it possible to use scorm also for my computer? and how? is there a download program?

We get this question a lot, often phrased as:

What are the minimum requirements for SCORM?


Absolutely.  SCORM couldn't care less about the operating system on your machine.  What SCORM does care about is running in a browser (or something very close to a browser).  The entirety of SCORM's runtime API is based on Javascript, and for the most part, Javascript belongs in a browser.  So, if you have a browser in place, then you can launch a piece of SCORM content via the appropriate "player".

Ultimately, finding an appropriate player is probably more difficult than finding an OS that can support that player.  For a piece of SCORM content to function, it has to run in an LMS (learning management system) or something that mimics an LMS.  This piece of software could be provided via an application service (most LMSs are browser delivered) or via an offline player (like SCORM Untethered).  This player, for what it's worth, may have its own limitations with regard to client OS, etc.  These limitations, however, are not imposed by SCORM.


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