"SCORM doesn't seem to work well in IE7"


Yet another question from the "internets":

Scorm doesn't seem to work well in IE 7. All I can find in google about scorm tells me how to create more of this stuff, not how to actually benefit from it's content. Ideas?

This is, frankly, news to me, so I posted it here.  SCORM often gets a bad name. It gets blamed broadly for problems with particular implementations of the standard.  If I read this right, this user is experiencing particular issues with his setup, be it his LMS or his content.  There are tons of implementations on both the content and LMS sides that work great in IE7.  Sure, when it was released, IE7 did create certain issues.  For us, they manifested themselves in the cross domain application of our SCORM Driver.  But in general, the javascript that makse SCORM's API go has not trouble with IE7.

As for how to benefit, we've actually written on that a fair amount.  The conceptual benefits of SCORM are covered in this article.  If you're struggling to find technical solutions that allow you to reap these benefits, we can definitely help with that as well.  Our products work great in IE7 and countless other browsers.  As I talk about all the time, compatibility is king, and we do well with that.  So find products that will fit your need and make sure they do what they say they will.

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