Schema Definition File Proliferation


A question from a "Joe User" about Schema Definition Files in SCORM 2004

Hi Just downloaded all the 2004 3rd edition schema definition files - do I need to put all of them at the root of my course? 1.2 only had 4 - 2004 has 19 plus more in 4 folders. Also when using the test suite, do I need these files on the desktop (like 1.2)?

A quick answer to this one... yes, for technical conformance, you do have to include all those files at the root of your course.  Yes, it makes it look a little ugly.  Many LMSs will do just fine importing and delivering your course without those files, but from a conformance standpoint, they are required.

With regard to placing those files on the desktop when running the Test Suite for SCORM 2004, I'm fairly certain they are not required.  That was an eccentricity of the SCORM 1.2 Test Suite that I believe has been properly addressed in the newer versions.  (If I'm wrong, I trust someone will correct me in the comments.)


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