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I recently had a situation with a client that was getting some interesting behavior as far as success status goes.  She was using an authoring tool to publish to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition.  The issue that came up was that the authoring tool's passing score was not being used.  Instead of passing that score to the minNormalizedMeasure element in the manifest, it left that element as blank.  Here is a little bit more information about that element.

MinNormalizedMeasure is a SCORM 2004 element that is used to identify the minimum satisfaction requirement for a given course.    If the minNormalizedMeasure Element is left blank, the default value will be used, which is 1.0, meaning you would need to get a 100 to get a passing status type.  So, when this element is coupled with the satisfiedbyMeasure element being set to 'true' it means that the LMS will use this score as the cmi.scaled_passing_score. 

In the case with our customer, the authoring tool's passing score and the manifest's passing score differed and the SCORM spec won.  Once we set the manifest's element to the correct passing score and re-imported, all was well and she was receiving the correct status types.

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    Madhurima Grover

    I have a case quite the opposite. I do not want to pass a score to the LMS. I have a content lesson without any assessment created in Captivate 4, published to SCORM 2004 and uploaded on SumTotal 8.2. I  only want to be able to track whether the user completed the course or not and not see any score in the LMS. I was able to do this in SCORM 1.2 but am unable to achieve the same in SCORM 2004. I tried passing a value of 0 in the minNormalizeMeasure element but still see a score of 100%. Any suggestions? Would appreciate.

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