I got a question from a SCORM Engine client today regarding prerequisites.

Is it possible to make the user complete the lesson sequentially? Or enforce any sort of pre-requisite?

Context on this question is highly relevant.

In SCORM 2004, it is absolutely possible to do this.  Sequencing rules, though complicated, are powerful, and would allow for this sort of setup (with extreme levels of control for the content author).

SCORM 1.2 is a different story.  In SCORM 1.2, there was a basic concept of "prerequisite", but the approaches to it varied so wildly that it was rarely implemented and never consistently.  For this reason, the SCORM Engine elects to ignore prerequisites (they are optional).  In future releases of the SCORM Engine, we may come back and add package properties that would allow for the use of prerequisites.  At this time, however, we encourage folks to use SCORM 2004 to accomplish that behavior.


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