SCORM Version supported by the SCORM Engine


There are 2 version of the SCORM Engine that can be purchased:

SCORM Engine (with SCORM 1.2 Support):  This version will only support SCORM 1.2 content

SCORM Engine (with SCORM 2004 Support):  This version will support SCORM 1.2 content AND SCORM 2004 2nd and 3rd Editions

Items of Note:

*If you are running the SCORM 2004 version of the SCORM Engine 2006.x, you will not have SCORM 2004 3rd Edition support, this edition of SCORM 2004 was not out at the time of the 2006.x release

*Neither version will support SCORM 2004 1st Edition, SCORM 2004 1st Edition was never really runnable and is not supported by the ADL Support Team.

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