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Originally from ticket #22545.

In Moodle installed the xAPI launcher. I also set up a scorm cloud account and used the xAPI Tetris example.
I think I have the right URL: (it's what appears when I click to launch the course):

But I haven't a clue what the activity id url should be. How can I get these 2 things in general? Right now, I get the Content Authorization Failed message. I really don't understand this and tried forums, both Moodle and Rustici and xAPI.

My response:


The activity id for the Tetris example is "". In general, you should ask whoever supplied the content for the activity id, or if you made the content yourself this might be a configuration setting in the authoring tool. See this blog for more details here.

For the prototypes specifically, all the activity ids are listed here.

The error your getting has nothing to do with the activity id though! The issue here is that SCORM Cloud isn't designed to allow you to host content to be launched by the Moodle launcher. You;ve got two options:

1. Use the SCORM Cloud Moodle plugin instead of the xAPI launch plugin here.

2. Host the content somewhere else on the internet. Perhaps On your Moodle server.

There is some work underway to allow you to upload xAPI packages directly to your Moodle server via the UI , but it's not complete yet. You can see the pull request where this is being worked on here. For now you just have to use FTP.

Does that help?

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