Adopter Spotlight – Riptide Elements


By Andrew Downes

Our January webinar reviewing how eight companies are using xAPI has had a lot of attention. In this blog series, we refresh your memory of what each company is up to.

Probably the most talked about of our adopters following the webinar has been Riptide Software’s REAPER project. If you want to track real world activities, use data to support multiple outputs, or maybe you just want to read something exciting, this blog is for you!

Riptide is a top-100 simulations and training company in the US. They’ve been involved in development of the xAPI specification and use xAPI to track every aspect of their product. The LRS powers gamification and social elements within the platform and Riptide have a growing list of xAPI use cases beyond the one shared in the webinar.

That’s all pretty exciting and we could probably have devoted the entire time allotted to digging into those features in more detail. But we didn’t; Nick Washburn had something even more awesome in store for us…


Riptide work with military training ranges; these are real shooting ranges where soldiers in training shoot real guns at automated physical targets that pop-up in front of them. Historically, these training ranges do monitor trainee’s success at hitting targets, but that data never makes it off the range. REAPER, or the Range Experience Acquisition Portal for Evaluation & Reporting, transmits that data as xAPI statements and transmits it back to an LRS hosted at Riptide HQ. From there, the data is fed to a number of outputs:

  • Enabled to report to the Army’s Digital Training System to provide reports.
  • Corrective Interactive Multimedia Instruction (a mobile app) to give the learner instant feedback on their firing. This e-learning is also reports activity to the LRS.
  • The firing range itself to improve range operations and training effectiveness for future participants.

Here are some examples of the kinds of reports available:

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5-184Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5-small-194Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 5-190

What real life learning happens in your organization? How could you use data from those experiences to support the learner and other stakeholders? Why don’t you get in touch to discuss making your ideas a reality? Or maybe drop Riptide a line and discuss how they used xAPI to enhance the learning experience.

You can catch the full recorded webinar here alongside the slides and Q&A.

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