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By Andrew Downes

Our January webinar reviewing how eight companies are using xAPI has had a lot of attention. In this blog series, we refresh your memory of what each company is up to.

Luminosity by CM Group is a great example of a relatively traditional system that’s implementing xAPI beyond just ticking the “xAPI conformant” box on the RFP. If you want more from xAPI in your LMS than simply replacing SCORM, then this blog is for you.

The release of the xAPI specification happily coincided with CM Group’s development of their mobile first cloud based LMS: Luminosity LMS. xAPI was an excellent fit as it simplified their development, allowing them to move away from SCORM which they found was difficult to work with on disconnected mobile devices.

xAPI also enables Luminosity LMS to track all kinds of experiences inside and outside of the platform. This means organizations can compare training data to performance and really measure the benefit of their learning experiences. Luminosity LMS can track PDFs, classroom attendance, YouTube videos, web page views and much more.

CM Group have also used xAPI to facilitate a number of their core platform features such as gamification, and improved reporting and analytics. For example, at Learning Technologies in London this year, CM Group CEO Tim Buff showed a mobile application that included a leaderboard benchmarking learners against their peers. This leaderboard was quick to develop, Tim told me, because they already had access to the required data via xAPI. Features like this help to motivate Luminosity’s learners to work hard and get ahead of their peers.

Luminosity LMS’s xAPI support is enhanced by two other CM Group products: Luminosity Studio, an authoring tool with ‘xAPI’ publishing option, and Luminosity Mentor, a mobile app that can play this content. The really exciting thing about Mentor is that not only does it allow detailed offline tracking of xAPI activities, but of any activity available on the app. This includes PDFs, non-offline-enabled xAPI packages and even SCORM packages that have been downloaded onto the app from the LMS.

Customers using the xAPI enabled features of Luminosity LMS include Microsoft, Telefonica O2, Now TV (Powered by Sky) and Deloitte. Microsoft managers received an app on their mobiles that delivered content and quizzes. Managers achieve points for these quizzes which feed into the leaderboard I mentioned above. Telefonica O2 use the app to scan QR codes to record attendance at face to face sessions.

Would you like to see more of these kind of features in your LMS? Why don’t you send your vendor this blog, or get in touch? Or maybe drop Alex a line and ask for a demo.

You can catch the full recorded webinar at here alongside the slides and Q&A.

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