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By Andrew Downes

Our January webinar reviewing how eight companies are using xAPI has had a lot of attention. In this blog series, we refresh your memory of what each company is up to.


Knowledge Guru is a great example of an innovative platform that didn’t fit within the SCORM box, but can now use xAPI to track data to a central store of learning records. If you’re using/making a product that doesn’t fit the SCORM mold, then this blog is for you.

Steve Boller from Bottom-Line Performance took us through the reasons why his company adopted xAPI in their Knowledge Guru product and the benefits this adoption has brought. Knowledge Guru is a game-based learning platform that uses the science of learning and remembering to increase knowledge retention. Knowledge Guru games are can be produced quickly with no game design knowledge required. Bottom-Line Performance creates custom learning solutions for its corporate clients.

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Knowledge Guru games incorporate a number of tracked elements in order to provide feedback to the learner and reports to their managers. This tracking data can be used to track individual learners as well as to compare groups of learners. Many Knowledge Guru customers wanted to get this data into their LMS to combine with their other reports, but this was not possible before xAPI. Customers had to choose between the cloud-based version that includes rich data and reports, and the SCORM version which tracks completion data back to the LMS.

With xAPI, the richer, cloud-based version of Knowledge Guru can be configured to send game data to a customer’s LRS. The native Knowledge Guru reports are still available, but now customers can combine this data with other data sources in their LRS to make comparative analysis with other data sources.

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Since implementing xAPI, Knowledge Guru customers get the best of both worlds:

  • Organizations can get the full gameplay experience including leaderboards and mobile access, and still track the data back to their LRS/LMS.
  • They can make use of reporting features of both Knowledge Guru and their LMS/LRS.
  • Game content, reports and other features can be updated more easily, without having to upload a new SCORM package to the LMS.

Bottom-Line Performance considers Knowledge Guru’s xAPI functionality as a “proof of concept” to to generate interest in xAPI’s capabilities with customers. BLP plans to build on that foundation in future versions.

And the business benefit? xAPI in Knowledge Guru means a more cost-effective solution for customers who may not have an LMS but still need centralized tracking. These customers can report data back to an LRS instead.

Are you using a learning product that doesn’t fit SCORM and you’d love to get the data into your LMS? Why don’t you send the vendor this blog, or get in touch? Or maybe you’re interested in using Knowledge Guru yourself? Request a demo.

You can catch the full recorded webinar here alongside the slides and Q&A.

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