Upcoming xAPI Webinar- A real world use case with LifeWay


Join us on Tuesday, January 28th at 1pm CST to learn about LifeWay's sophisticated deployment of xAPI.  Ministry Grid, LifeWay's training delivery platform, is a massive application that gets the right piece of content, or the right experience, to the right member of their organization. Content includes video and traditional activities that users may access from a desktop or mobile application. 

LifeWay takes advantage of xAPI’s ability to comprehend any kind of learning activity, rather than just capturing traditional “completion” metrics. They use xAPI as the core platform for capturing those activities across various systems. 

Register to learn more about how LifeWay is using the xAPI to provide functionality and solve problems that were never possible before. 


Mike Rustici, President, Rustici Software 
Tom Gilbert, Director, Technology & Transmedia Content, LifeWay

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