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How do I delete/clear all or part of LRS stored data for a given course object?


Per the specification, typical xAPI statements are immutable. They cannot be changed or deleted. 

But, in SCORM Cloud, we also provide a sandbox for every AppId, which can be cleared out. To access it, you'll want to change your endpoint from 

https://tc/[Your App Id]/ (no brackets)


https://tc/[Your App Id]/sandbox (no brackets)

You can clear the sandbox through the SCORM Cloud website. If you head to the Apps page, and then find the xAPI section there, click the "xAPI Statement Viewer" link. Then, in the top right drop down, select "<Your App Name> (sandbox)". Once pulled up, you'll see a red button to clear the sandbox data out.

if you have non sandbox data you've already created which you'd like to delete, it shouldn't matter much to leave the data there, you can always exclude data before a certain time using the "since" parameter, when pulling the data back out.

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