Exporting Statements from the SCORM Cloud LRS


In the SCORM Cloud, when we first unveiled the LRS piece, we had an export button. It has since been removed. There were a couple of reasons why we did that:

1. It was troublesome and caused problems early on...

2. It produced a json file, we found that really was only useful for developers and since most developers would be requesting the statements from the endpoint directly, they dismantled the button.

To get all statements from an LRS endpoint we recommend using one of our OSS libraries hopefully in a development language that you are familiar with. The libraries can be found here.

With all of the libraries you would construct an object used to send requests to the LRS endpoint. This object takes the endpoint base location, and a credential--usually in the form of a username and password. See the LRS tab for more on those. With those configuration values set, methods of that object can be used to retrieve statement result objects that contain statement objects. The LRS by default will page the statements with a hard set limit to prevent a denial of service on the resource. If you hit this limit, or provide the limit query parameter then you will need to recursively call a "more" statements method of the LRS object to get the next page of statements until you have exhausted the list (no "more" link will be provided) or until you have all of the statements you wish to process. This recursive process is what the JS script shows. Any spec conformant LRS should work with a script of this nature, including the one in Cloud.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  We’re happy to help!

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