SCORM Cloud - Statement Forwarding


Statement forwarding in SCORM Cloud is really easy to set up: simply scroll down to the bottom of the LRS settings panel, click “Add New Forwarding Path”, then complete and save the details.




You need to select and enter credentials for the source application (where you want to take statements from) and enter the endpoint and credentials for the destination. Statements can be sent from SCORM Cloud to any xAPI conformant LRS, including other applications within your SCORM Cloud account. Here are the details of where to find your SCORM Cloud credentials and endpoint.

For security reasons, we recommend creating a special set of credentials on your target LRS just for SCORM Cloud. For this you can create an Activity Provider. Details here.

You can also filter statements by date: only sending statements that have been stored since that date specified. The default date is today.

You can read more about statement forwarding here.  If you have any questions, please contact us at  We’re happy to help!

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