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Steven writes:


I have another question for you. It is about persisting state for a course. I understand calling of .../TCAPI/ activities/state/ using a stateID of location to store a bookmark. I wondering if there is another stateID that can be used. For example, we also persist pages that have been completed using suspend_data in SCORM. Is there a stateID for this type of thing or should we try to include everything with location?

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    David Ells


    The TCAPI state API allows you to specify any number of arbitrary key / value pairs for state. So you can save with any StateID that makes sense to your content, and save arbitrary content to it, including saved pages if you want. If you want to think of it like suspend_data, you can always use the StateID of "suspend_data". That is different than a document with StateID "location" which is different than a document with StateID "abc123", or etc. Make sense?

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