SCORM Engine 2012.1 released! Now, officially supports xAPI


SCORM Engine 2012.1.0.326 is available.  If you are interested in upgrading, please contact us at


Notable New Features


Version 0.9 of the xAPI specification has been implemented within the SCORM Engine. If you are not familiar with the xAPI, please visit  Additionally, the SCORM Engine will convert new and existing SCORM or AICC registrations into xAPI statements for reporting purposes.


SCORM Engine Console

The SCORM Engine now includes an administrative console within the core SCORM Engine web application.  This provides diagnostic data as well as a home for functionality such as the Support Packager (aka “big red button”) and xAPI OAuth consumer setup.  The console can be used at implementation-time to test out importing and launching without full LMS integration.


Error Fixes

  1. Calculate scaled score in immediate rollup for scorm 1.2 to ensure that a rolled up score will come along with a completion if set.  Otherwise the completion would come through, but the score wouldn't be seen until termination time because the scaled score was only set within CloseOutSession().
  2. Javascript Package Properties editor can now send updateAllVersions parameter to apply changes to all versions.
  3. ScormEngineManager.UpdatePackage() will now update the title of the package (organization).
  4. Runtime state persistence enhancements: Make SaveData() during ScoUnloaded synchronous.  Added code to mitigate issue with double postbacks where an intermittent post back is processed after an exit postback.
  5. Default Integration method SetCulture() (And GetCosmeticInfo) now supports setting of the culture code explicitly with a &cc query string param or form post param at launch time.
  6. Java JSPs are now explicitly sessionless to prevent needless server-side session creation.
  7. Parser warnings are now localized when using the .NET Import Control.
  8. Utilize DatabaseSchema (optional configuration property) in all code, including the NoddyLMS (demo app).
  9. German JavaScript strings formatting fix.
  10. Delete from ScormRegistrationSharedData when resetting / deleting registration data -- Prevented some 4th edition courses from being deleted.
  11. Allow AICC to work when ScormEngineUrl is defined as a relative URL (absolute URL is constructed internally from the launch URL).
  12. For SCORM 1.2, immediately set score.scaled when score.raw is set rather than waiting for SCO Termination.
  13. Added connection pooling to JdbcDatahelper for use when a direct db connection is configured instead of a Datasource.
  14. Improved package delete syntax so ScormEngineManager.DeletePackage() is more efficient for bulk deletes.
  15. Default Package Properties Editor to use English when a bad language code is specified rather than giving JS error.
  16. Java SupportPackager fixed to propertly render in all browsers (changed content type to text/html).  Also added ExternalConfiguration.
  17. Fixed a scoring divide-by-zero error if you have all zero scores and change package property for rollup to "all non-zero scores".
  18. Disregard case of launch-time query string parameters -- "Registration", when uppercased, would be sent twice to the deliver page.
  19. Added a couple additional Java web services methods to match up with what's available .NET-side.
  20. Added interactions and objectives to AICC Launch History.
  21. Package Property editor will now work correctly with older IE6 browsers.
  22. Fixed Oracle’s DeletePackage implementation
  23. JNDI Lookup improvements (java)
  24. Invoke activity rollup upon abnormal exit with suspend all
  25. And other minor internal changes and unit tests...
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