SCORM Cloud for Drupal


Note: These are directions for Drupal 6. For the latest updates on the development of the D7 module, please see the Drupal forum


1. You must install the SCORM Cloud PHP library to use this module.

To install the library, do one of these two things:

  • Download the library, extract the archive and rename the resulting directory as scorm_cloud, then place in ‘sites/all/libraries’ or ‘sites/default/libraries’


  • Run the drush command- drush scorm-cloud-dl

2. Set up your SCORM Cloud account. Choose the account plan that makes the most sense for you based on anticipated usage. There is a free option available for testing purposes.

3. Within your SCORM Cloud account, add a new application for your Drupal integration under the “Apps” section.


1. You will need to configure the module at admin/settings/scorm_cloud.

2. Enter the AppID and Secret Key from the application that you set up in your SCORM Cloud account. You can find them by selecting “Show App Id”

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3. Install the included SCORM Cloud Field module which provides a CCK field for adding SCORM Cloud courses to a node.

4. You can now use the SCORM Cloud Field module to upload a SCORM course file.

5. Set up the permissions module to determine which roles can take, retake, preview and review your SCORM Cloud courses. An example of user roles might look like this:

DrupalAdmin – access all admin functions, reports, and SCORM Cloud config.
LMS_Admin – access some admin functions and admin/reports/scorm_cloud.
LMS_TrainerPrivileged – create SCORM Cloud courses and view all registrations.
LMS_Trainer – create SCORM Cloud courses and view registrations for own courses.
LMS_Student – take SCORM Cloud courses and view own registrations.
authenticated – optionally use authenticated user for student role.


eCommerce- Optionally sell access to SCORM Cloud courses with additional modules. An example is Ubercart.

Course listings- If you have Views enabled you can create customized listing of courses and registrations created by your users. An example view is provided called scorm_cloud_registrations_admin

Customization- Override the SCORM Cloud player CSS with the SCORM Course field CCK definition.

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  • Avatar
    Francis Poirier

    Thanks for this Jena ! But I can't install the module for Drupal 7. After uploading the directory initially named SCORMCloud_PHPLibrary and renamed to scorm_coud, I can't see any new section of SCORM Cloud in my admin control panel.

    Can you help me with this ?

    Thanks !

  • Avatar
    Jena LaWing

    Hi Francis, 

    Thanks for checking out our SCORM Cloud for Drupal plugin. As of now, our plugin for Drupal 7 is still under development. Be sure to keep an eye on the community Drupal forum for the latest updates! This is a community managed plugin, so that's the best place to look for updates.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with. 





  • Avatar
    Cliff Ludriecus

    Customization- Override the SCORM Cloud player CSS with the SCORM Course field CCK definition.

    Not sure what you mean, copy the CSS from here and put it in my themes folder as alternate.css ?

  • Avatar
    Mark Stralka

    Hi, I found this older post and am interested in using SCORM Cloud on Drupal 7, but it looks like the Drupal module is still only for D6.  Jena do you have any updates on a timeline for a Drupal 7 module?  It looks like a separate vendor developed it, not you guys but just curious.


  • Avatar
    Mike Miles

    I'm really geared up to work with SCORM Cloud and want to integrate into Drupal 7.  This update looks to be in the works without any update for a year now.  This makes me very hesitant to walk down the path with SCORM Cloud and xAPI as it looks like you all might be a bit understaffed?  And if not that, then their doesn't seem to be any focus on integration with other platforms.  

    And this is where one might be frustrated, the website promotes these integrations.  Updates, even if they don't promise a rollout date, at least keep us folks on the sidelines informed and engaged.  I feel like I really want to give you money, but can't get over the idea that I'll be disappointed.

  • Avatar
    Tammy Rutherford


    First off- glad to see your interest in using SCORM Cloud/ xAPI with Drupal! I appreciate your comment that our last update about this integration is a bit old.

    It may help fo clarify a bit on the Drupal mod that's currently available for SCORM Cloud. This is a unique plug in for us as it was a community effort. A Drupal developer created the module for Drupal 6 and generously shared it back with the community. We've had developers express interest along the way for the D7 module, however it hasn't come to fruition just yet. The SCORM Cloud forum in Drupal has the latest info on these updates and the folks that have been working with it-

    Please don't mistake the lack of updates on our end as lack of interest in integrating with other platforms. That's where we really feel like SCORM Cloud (and xAPI) is most valuable- when it plugs into your stuff. In the case of Drupal, we are hopeful that the community- the Drupal experts- will continue the D7 efforts. We're certainly available to assist the development effort in any way that we can. In the meantime, we'll update this page to better reflect the latest status with the D7 module.


    Many thanks!




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