Do learners need a WordPress account to take training?



When using the SCORM Cloud Wordpress plugin, do learners have to have a WordPress account to access a course? Or is there a way to specify people to be able to login to the course without having to login to WordPress?



Your learners don't need to be registered users.

In the first image, I show how when including training in a post, if you unclick the checkbox for "Require the learners be authenticated users." then anyone who has access to the post can take the training by entering a first name, last name, and an email.


Additionally, as in the second image, non-authenticated users can take catalog widget courses by entering the same information. This is configurable on the widgets page.


Note that the names and email are necessary for identifying users for reporting purposes. In all cases, if a user is already logged in, then she isn't prompted for the info (since the system already knows who she is.)

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