Invitation Tagging Is Here!


You now have the ability to add tags to the invitations (public and private) you create so that you can organize and identify them easily, even if you have a ton of data.  For example, you can use these tags to differentiate between invitations used across business units, office locations, or even job titles.

Invitation Tagging “How-to”:

Here is how it is done.   Create your invitation the way you normally would.  For more information on invitation creation, click here.  Note that now, at the bottom of the invitation screen, you have a box labeled “Enter Tags”…you can add as many tags as you would like (separated by commas).



You can view these tags in a few different places: 

The Invitations section of the course page



You have the ability to filter invitations via the “All Registrations” - “Select Groups” drop down and run reports based on them.  

The tags will appear in Reportage once you have registration data associated with them.  So any tags associated with a Public Invite, will only appear once at least one learner has launched the course. There are also tags that allow you to filter by invite type to see all data by Public or Private invite.



Additionally, these tags will show up in the “Registration Tags” column on the expanded reports located in the “Other Reports” section of Reportage.



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