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Is it possible to export my Reports? I would like to see all of my data in a spreadsheet instead of in Reportage.


Of course you can! CSV exports allow you to open up your data in your favorite spreadsheet application to slice, dice and rearrange your data however you like. You can find this button in just about every report in SCORM Cloud. Please note Reportage defaults to 30 days. You can adjust the date range in the top left.

For example, if you want to see all of the Course Registration Details, simply click “View All” in the Individual Course  report and then “Export CSV”

Using the “Other Reports” filter on the bottom of Reportage allows you to filter exactly what data you want to see for that course or learner. For example: All Registrations, All Completed Registrations, etc.

Once you’ve made your selection in the “Other Reports” section, you’ll see all of your data and an option to “Export CSV” on the top right of the page. Just click that button and your data is yours for the taking.

Sample reports below.

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