Reportage: How to access Launch, Completion, and Satisfaction data



I need to see which of my learners have started my course, who has finished it and who passed it. Where can I do this in SCORM Cloud?


Great question. We’ve built a powerful reporting tool inside SCORM Cloud called Reportage that takes advantage of the tracking power of SCORM with the Big 4: completion, score, time, and satisfaction. In most cases, the Big 4 covers a lot of what you are looking for when it comes to learning about what goes on between your learners and your courses. You can access Reportage a couple of ways, depending on the type of reports you are looking for.

To get to information on a particular learner, click the People Tab and select the learner. The first page will show a Reportage summary, which shows a snapshot of what that learner has been up to. To see a more detailed view, click the ‘Reportage’ button.

To see reports on a particular course,  you will need to access Reportage from your Library. Just select the course and click ‘Reportage’. This links you to Reportage when you can do more slicing and dicing of all of the data pertaining to that specific course, including registrations, average score, etc.


If you’re looking for a different type of report and are having trouble finding it, let us know. We’d be happy to help show you around Reportage.

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