BLTI Dispatch using Canvas' Native External App


Courses dispatched from SCORM Cloud via BLTI both store data within SCORM Cloud and also pass a final score back from the course to the Canvas Grade book.  For this example, I’ve used a xAPI prepackaged course. 

First things first, you’ll need to create a BLTI Dispatch in SCORM Cloud following the instructions here.

BLTI Credentials Example:


After setting up your course as a BLTI dispatch in SCORM Cloud (see link above), you'll need to add it to your Canvas course as an external tool through their App Center.  When logged into a course, navigate to Settings -> Apps.

From the Apps page, click on View App Configurations and then Add New App.  An input screen will appear and in it, you simply provide a name for the External LTI Tool and paste the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and URL for SCORM Cloud BLTI Dispatch (example above). 



Next, you’ll want to create an assignment. You can either add a point value here or during the next step.


Now that you’ve created the assignment, you can add a point value here.  Under Submission Type, choose External Tool URL from the drop down and select External Tool URL.  Select the name of the app you created previously in the Configure External Tool box.



I used Student View to test the course.  Here are the results from the course:


Here you see the grade reflected in the Canvas grade book:


Here you can see the xAPI statements that have been sent to the SCORM Cloud LRS.


If you have any questions, please send us an email at  We’re happy to help.

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    Colleen Ortega

    Does this only work with xAPI? How long should the results take to appear in Canvas? I'm uploading a Articulate Storyline SCORM 2004 package to scorm cloud using the process you have provided.

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    Ryan Donnelly

    Hi Colleen, thanks for the comment. Yes it does. I'll also answer your query in the ticket.

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