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How do I use PENS with SCORM Cloud? I want to have one-click publishing into my LMS.



With the addition of PENS delivery to SCORM Cloud, you can now deliver a Dispatch directly to an LMS with one click. There’s no need to manually export from SCORM Cloud and then manually import to an LMS. 


To get started using PENS: 

  1. Upload any SCORM content to SCORM Cloud 
  2. Create a Dispatch (Dispatch tab → Create Dispatches → Add course and destination → Create Dispatch)
  3. Select your course in your list of Dispatches and hit "Publish"


  4. SCORM Cloud will then ask you for the Target URL, Target System User ID, and the Target System Password. The PENS section of your LMS should have this info.
That's all there is to it! 
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